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0 - 11 years
For children under 6 years old, please contact us with the following contact form.

COVID-19 measures

Due to the health crisis generated by Covid-19, the mountain refugee will adopt the following restrictions to minimize, as much as possible, the transmission and spread of Covid-19:

1. The total capacity of the shelter is reduced from 50pax to 30pax.
2. An antigen test will be performed at check-in. If never within a group, one of the members gives a positive result, the entry of the whole group will be refused and they will have to leave the shelter and the full amount of the reservation will be returned.
3. It is mandatory to bring your sleeping bag or sheet bag.
4. It is recommended to wash your hands often, and the mask should be used in the common areas of the shelter.
5. Crocs continues to be made available to customers, who will be disinfectants daily.